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Where'd my cash go?

Have you ever wondered why you are having a busy month in sales, but you can never seem to see the extra money in your bank account? You have a leak in your bucket and need it repaired NOW before you lose more cash!

Why can't I pay myself more?

You work doggedly every day, but never seem to take home the pay to show for it. You didn't start your business to be working long hours for little / no pay. Stop the rat-race by fixing the holes in your metaphorical bucket.

Can I afford _____?

Looking to buy a new computer for your business? But you don't have the funds for it because your bucket (business) is like swiss cheese. Fixing even a few leaks can help you afford more great opportunities!


Austen Meier

Austen started his first business with great intentions but it wasn't long before he realized that there was A LOT he didn't know. Including how to pay himself well, understand what his business was ACTUALLY making, and get the right numbers in the right places to GROW the business!

Now Austen enjoys sharing what he learned with other business owners to help them get off the hamster wheel.

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